Ep. 350 Drake and Meek Mill: Beef, Well Done?

In this episode of the Section 357 Show, we cover the motivations, accusations, and conversations surrounding the beef between Drake and Meek Mill. Rarely in hip-hop has the discord between two artists spilled over into pop culture in this way, with brands, celebrities, and athletes all weighing in on the matter.



With that in mind we decided to get to the root of the issue and address a few key questions along the way:

What precipitated Meek Mill’s initial Twitter rant?

What “unofficial” protocol was breached?

What role does Nicki Minaj play?

Where does Drake’s diss response compare to other moments in hip-hop history?

Additionally, we dive deep into the role that Social Media played in the aftermath of each artist’s diss records, and what should happen going forward:

How has Social Media affected anticipated response times?

What were some of the best Social Media memes?

Did Drake pick an easy target in Meek Mill?

What should Rick Ross do?

Should Nicki Minaj remain quiet?

What direction does Meek Mill’s career take going forward?

All in all, when artists (and athletes) compete, it can bring out the best and worst in them, exposing talents and flaws alike. And in hip-hop, just like in sports, the best competitive moments are when the audience is the real winner and the combatants live to fight another day.



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