Bad Fantasy Football Advice – Anticipation vs. Reaction

Once the NFL season starts and Fantasy Football drafts are complete, success, in many respects, is about watching and reacting. However, when it comes to adding players from the waiver wire or making trades, it’s difficult to get the timing just right. Often when a player has a breakout performance, many FF managers miss out on cashing in because they hadn’t seen concrete evidence of that player’s impact and were reluctant to activate him in their lineups. That’s where being able to anticipate a player’s success comes in. The typical “reaction” cycle works like this:

  • Player X has a breakout performance.
  • Entire fantasy community makes note of it, analyzes it, and makes the same recommendation on the merits of acquiring Player X.
  • The FF managers that acquire Player X then hope he has some semblance of a repeat performance, often to mixed results.
  • Rinse and repeat virtually every week.

The downside to this cycle is that the breakout performance is perhaps one of that player’s better performances—and you missed it.

The truly great Fantasy Football managers learn how to do more than just react to the great performance; they learn how to analyze a player’s talent, opportunity, and match-ups to anticipate when those performances might happen and adjust their lineups accordingly.

Are you mastering the art of Fantasy Football anticipation? I surely hope so.

dion lewis


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