Bad Fantasy Football Advice – Don’t Look Back

Every year in Fantasy Football you face having to make a tough decision on whether to drop a star player who’s underperforming.

As a Fantasy Football manager you have to assess your roster on a weekly, if not daily, basis to amass the most productive collection of players. Sometimes this means making a trade; other times this means flat-out dropping a player that you may have used a high draft pick on.

Look, it happens. Fantasy Football can be as fickle as actual football, and each season there are players that seemingly emerge out of nowhere to have unexpected success, just as there are proven players who take a step back in productivity, whether due to injury, their surrounding cast, or Father Time. Again, it happens. And you have to be ready to acknowledge the reality of the situation and be prepared to move on.

Once you make the decision to part ways with that big-name player it can cause a little anxiety. And when this happens, my only advice is this: Don’t Look Back.

If you went through the pros and cons of keeping Big Name Player X, and decided that it was time for a Fantasy “change of scenery”, make the move and then keep looking forward. You’ll have many more decisions to make over the course of the season, and dwelling over any one in particular for too long can be a distraction going forward.

So to recap: assess the situation, make the decision, and don’t look back. Success in the future can be hard to grasp if you’re still rooted in the past.

Lamar Miller


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