Ep. 350 Drake and Meek Mill: Beef, Well Done?

In this episode of the Section 357 Show, we cover the motivations, accusations, and conversations surrounding the beef between Drake and Meek Mill. Rarely in hip-hop has the discord between two artists spilled over into pop culture in this way, with brands, celebrities, and athletes all weighing in on the matter.

HBO’s Ballers Get Us Ready for the Real Thing

Once July rolls around, the wait for the NFL season can make American football fans clamor for almost anything that provides a stopgap experience for actual pigskin action. Luckily for us, HBO’s Ballers provides the perfect diversion while we wait for the actual season to kick off.

A “DOPE” Commentary on Hip-Hop

I went to see the movie Dope during its opening weekend, and while the overarching story didn’t feel particularly unique, it was filtered through a fresh perspective that continued to cement Hip-Hop as the predominant mainstream cultural reference point. 

While We’re Young, Hip-Hop Grew Up

A funny thing happened on the way to the movies–a famous hip-hop “beef” record started to show its age. A couple of weeks ago I caught a sneak preview of Noah Baumbach’s “While We’re Young”, a movie about facing middle age, remembering and reconciling the things you used to do and could have been with…

Remembering (The Last?) American Gangster

Here at The Section 357 Show, we love sports/hip-hop analogies, both because so many athletes in the hip-hop culture want to make music, and also because so many artists either played sports growing up or had (still have?) athletic aspirations. This sports-music marriage is often personified best in the person of Jay Z, not only…